Ghoulish Getaways: 5 Terrifyingly Haunted Places in Colorado

Fall has arrived as the leaves change color, and the air offers a cool breeze. It’s pumpkin spice, apple picking, and a ghostly getaway time! For anyone passing by, what better time to enjoy the hauntingly beautiful Rocky Mountains or eerily quiet Wild West ghost towns? Well, you’re in luck! Let’s look at five different ghoulish getaways Avo Limo thinks you might enjoy this spooky season! 

Haunted Locations in Colorado

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The Stanley Hotel 

Any horror movie fanatic can not miss an opportunity to book a stay or place a visit at the infamous Stanley Hotel. The hotel known for inspiring the beloved author Stephen King, the Stanley Hotel has loomed over Estes Park for over 100 years. Guests and visitors speak of chilling children laughing late at night. Meanwhile, the staff claims to hear a piano play all on its own! Even indulge in an underground tunnel tour where guests enter the housing for the hotel’s spirits. Not to mention the collection of famous ghost hunters and TV shows that come from all over to see a specter. Don’t believe us? Take a look, and maybe you’ll meet some of the hotel’s endeavored guests….

Riverdale Road 

This isn’t just your average windy Thornton road that passes stunning mansions and a neatly manicured golf course. It’s a hot spot of horrible experiences and terrifying tales. From a ghostly prom girl near a small pond to hand prints on the back of the car- Riverdale Road is known for its creepy history and supernatural members. Many claim spirits still linger and watch as cars pass. 

The Oxford Hotel 

The luxury at this hotel is so loved; some guests never checked out! While this 120-year-old Denver hotel may seem relaxing and elegant, it holds many dark secrets. Up for a challenge? Try staying in Room 320 and see how long you can go without losing your sheets! After your night, you might need a drink! You’re lucky as this hotel also has a stunning bar for lavish cocktails and spirits. Be on the lookout; your bartender might be a ghost! Not to mention the ghouls that lurk late at night. 

Hotel Jerome 

How about Hotel Jerome as one of many ghoulish getaways to pick from? Escape the city and take a trip to the incredible mountains of Aspen. Aspen is known for its celebrity visits and is perfect for enjoying the seasons and change! Of course, it wouldn’t be spooky if we didn’t mention its popular Hotel Jermone. According to locals, a poor boy drowned in the hotel pool in the 1950s, and his unhappy spirit lingers in the halls. Some even say he leaves a trace with his wet, slippery feet in search of his long-gone parents.

Meanwhile, his messes are attended to by a maid who never quits! She’s known for her playful pranks on other maids and offers a little critiquing by fixing the linens if they aren’t nifty. Curious about more? Aspen tours host its ghost tour where guests can learn and visit this spooktacular town! 

The Gold Pan 

Care for a drink? What about some spirits? Well, perhaps if you take a trip up to Breckenridge, you can experience both! The Gold Pan saloon has been recognized for its paranormal activity. Tenants who have braved a stay upstairs have reported a miner and woman that linger. So, next time you book a drive with Avo Limo to Breckenridge, take a stop and drink with the entities of the past! 

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