Road Trip to Aspen with Avo Limo

Are you looking to travel this summer, particularly to the Aspen Mountains? Then make sure you travel with Avo Limo! Not only do we offer transportation in style, but we offer a luxurious, private experience along the way.

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5 Things to Bring on Your Road Trip

Of course, we know it is not just the ride that counts; it’s what you take on it. And no road trip is complete without these five things! Here’s a list of what to bring on your road trip to Aspen, CO when you travel with Avo Limo.

Road trip with Avo Limo

Road Trip Snack

We listed it first, not because it’s the most important, but because it’s our favorite part of “road-tripping.” So, before you hop in the seat of our luxury SUVs, make sure you come with your favorite snacks. And since you don’t have to drive, you don’t have to worry about Cheeto fingers getting on the steering wheel. Please sit back, relax, and have some snacks while we transport you to your Aspen getaway.

Your Favorite Road Trip Games

Essential to anyone with children: road trip games. Whether it’s good old-fashioned punch buggy or car checkers, make sure you have a list of road trip games to help keep the little ones occupied.

Your Best Friend

No matter the distance, a road trip is always more fun with your best friend. So, bring them along; they’ll be honored you invited them. Plus, you will need someone to help finish off all those snacks!

The Ultimate Road Trip Playlist

While we’d be happy to dial into whatever station you’d like as we transport you up the mountain, we know nothing is quite as good as your playlist. So, get tuned up and have music that’s as good as the trip.

A Camera/Phone and Charger

Lastly, make sure you bring something you can use to take photos. You probably aren’t venturing up to Aspen that often, and chances are you’ll see something you want to take a picture of. And since you aren’t driving, you’re free to take all the photos you want! Plus, we’re pretty sure this will be the ultimate road trip; you’ll want pictures of the memory.

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So, there you have it! Five things to bring on your road trip to Aspen when traveling with Avo Limo.

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