Safe Winter Transportation with Avo Limo

Winter is upon us and snow has already started falling in the high country. Ski season is starting and the mountains will soon be packed with outdoor enthusiasts wanting to take part in all that Colorado has to offer. As winter approaches, Colorado weather can change quickly and often unexpectedly. Be prepared for weather to change as you move from city to mountains; while sunny in the Denver Metro area, it is not uncommon for buckets of snow to be falling on frozen roads atop Vail Pass.

Safe Colorado Transportation in Inclement Weather

driving during inclement weather

Whether you are a Colorado Native or a tourist coming to visit: stay safe and stay prepared. Drivers with Avo Limo are prepared to drive in this ever changing season! They are familiar with the roads as well as the weather challenges that can come with them.

Driving on Icy Roads

Roads can become icy and frozen very quickly, especially as the temperature drops. Before driving make sure your vehicle is in good operating condition with tire tread at least at 3/16’. Make sure your heater and defroster are in good working order, and windshield wiper fluid is topped off. Lastly, make sure you have a full tank of gas and good brakes.

Avo Limo drivers complete a full vehicle inspection before every trip to ensure the vehicle you are in is as safe as possible. Weather can change quickly in Colorado, and conditions can worsen without notice. Avo Limo works with your schedule to plan ahead, giving them the ability to know your route and your destination. When the roads get icy the last thing you need to be doing is rushing, make sure you have plenty of time to get where you need to go. CDOT has a variety of traffic cameras that allow you to watch the roads and see the conditions, giving you a better idea of what to expect.

Winter Driving with Avo Limo

The number one cause of accidents in winter is driving too fast for conditions, drivers with Avo Limo always make sure they are driving slow and not following too close. Avo Limo’s drivers are aware that Ice on the road can be deceptive and hard to spot, so they avoid hard braking and downshift instead. Most drivers in Colorado will follow this advice: taking wide turns to avoid getting stuck on snowy shoulders, never stopping on hills, packing a car survival kit with extra water, blankets, candles/flashlights, jumper cables, a shovel, and cat litter.

Avo Limo drivers are experienced at driving during inclement weather, and passionate about getting you to your destination safely. They are aware of the winter driving conditions and the tips that Colorado drivers are given before each trip. Avoid the headache of winter driving and let Avo Limo get you to your destination safely every time. Book your drive, today!





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